Are you ready for an Harmonious and Stressfree life?

I welcome you and invite you to reflect for a moment on the following.


  • Are you or someone you know in chronic physical discomfort that never seems to be resolved? Tried pills, lotions, different exercising-nothing worked for long.
  • Are you feeling lost in this journey we call “Life”?
  • Have you ever thought “this is not the life I signed up for?”
  • Are you overwhelmed with the chaos of your life?


  • Do you feel safe and at peace?
  • Are there times in your life that bring up stress or sadness?
  • Do you sleep as well as you wish?
  • Is your stomach tied up in “knots” often, or nauseous?
  • High anxiety is the norm?


  • Is there a relationship that creates stress for you rather than love?
  • Does your dog or horse have behavioral issues that keep your home in a turmoil?
  • Is your mate, your child, your co-worker, your relatives, your job, etc. creating conflict and chaos for you daily?
  • Are you desiring more connection and harmony in your life?


  • Do you suffer from financial stress?
  • Is there a goal you are experiencing blocks to achieving?
  • Are you ready to receive abundance?
  • Do you have a “ceiling limit” on what you can earn?
  • Do you hear voices from the past telling you how money is the root of all evil, etc.? Is it possible to eliminate those beliefs? Yes!!!

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

If you answered yes to, or resonated with any of these questions, then The Emotion Code and The Body Code could be the answer for you or someone you know. Through a simple process, with your permission, I will tap into your subconscious mind to ask questions using Muscle Testing/kineosology that will reveal to you the underlying causes of your issue or concern.

It might be a trapped emotion, a negative belief, a perception, a negative program, an imbalance in your body or systems, a Heart Wall issue, just to describe a few imbalances I can eliminate or minimize.

You arrived at this space today because you would love to walk into your infinite possibilities. You are here at the right time and in the right place for your personal growth, your expansion and your desire to enjoy a gratifying and abundant life. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and assist you on your journey called “Life”.

Hi, my name is Marsha Greene, and I am a Body Code / Emotion Code Practitioner, ready with an open heart to assist you in your growth and expand your journey to wellness and abundance.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, the developer of the Emotion Code and Body Code explains what energy work is and how our emotions have created our past, are creating our present, and will create our future. Do you have a vision for your life’s path?

maremma dog, emotionalwisdomforyou.com

Quito my 120 lb Maremma dog got very sick. He had non-stop diarrhea for 5 days and 6 nights. He stopped drinking water and the treatment with homeopathics, activated charcoal and silver water didn’t bring any results. I had 2 options. Either going to vet and spend hundreds of dollars on lab results a or go to Marsha and with help of kinesiology figure it out, what was really going on. She was immediately on Quito figuring out that he had a viral and parasitic infestation, neutralizing it. We met in afternoon to apply some essential oils on him and do some red light therapy on him. Coming back home afterwards, the first thing he drank whole bowl of water. He slept that night through and the diarrhea stopped. Amazing instant results. Thank you Marsha. 
He is doing so well since the treatment.

Evie L.

emotionalwisdomforyou.com, hope

To anyone who is considering an Emotion Code/Body Code session.  I live in California. Like many people I have had issues that I could not get past, things I could not let go of and things that haunted me and kept me from moving forward.  I do not feel it appropriate to disclose the specifics of my issues besides even though our situations may be similar the things that hold us back or block us is very specific to us individually.  I would like to express that it has been great experience of being a client of Marsha Greene and Emotion Code/Body Code.  Emotion Code/Body Code get down to the core of the problem/issue and at the cellular level to fully rid you of that blockage.  I sincerely hope you take advantage of the opportunity to help yourself and most importantly have Marsha Greene as your practitioner.

Yvonne E.

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