Choose from a selection of services that will improve the mental, emotional, physical chaos you are experiencing. Imagine a life filled with love and joy, a body that is fit and strong, a fulfilling career with success and prosperity easily flowing, relationships that bring you joy. Ask me about my combo sessions and custom made packages that are best for you. Should you need more information, please submit the contact form found at the bottom of the page. Terms and Conditions can also be found below.

Assessment and Introduction Session (60 min)

This session focuses on your primary issue. I use several tools to assist us to decide on the most beneficial course for you. We release your unprocessed emotions and emotional blocks that are standing in the way of relief. We will uncover the energy blockages in the 6 main areas of your life. Let me assist you in lessening the cycle of emotional overwhelm and chaos.

The Body Code Individual Sessions and Packages:

Individual Sessions: 55 mins. $95/session.

3 sessions Prepaid: 55 mins. $285. These three sessions allow us to access the underlying causes of an issue that is a priority for you. This can be for yourself, your pet, your children.

5 sessions Prepaid: $475: This pkg. is an extension of the 3 sessions. It allows for some more depth in what you are working towards.

7 sessions Prepaid: $665, plus an extra email session. These sessions can address any area of your life that is difficult for you. We can create more ease in your daily living.

9 sessions Prepaid: $855, plus an extra session. This is set up so that we can deeply dive into an issue or many that you feel is creating distress in your life. This package can also be used for additional family members in conjunction with you.

Name Clearing – The Body Code. 55 mins.

Your name, like your body, resonates with energy and can influence your body and mind. Let’s discover the % of negative energy your name is carrying and cut that energy out of your life today and from your ancestral lineage. (Price varies)

Immune System Optimization – The Body Code. 55 mins.

We all have an immune system that consists of 4 parts: Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Our health is accomplished by enhancing all of those areas, allowing your body to enjoy optimal function and vitality. Together we can create a beneficial plan of action for you. (Price varies)

Release, Restore & Empower – The Body Code, 55 mins.

Creative Insecurity will keep you locked in not knowing how to go forward in any area of your life. By releasing this insecurity it allows you to reduce the limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions and thoughts, perceptions, behaviors, self-sabotage programs, barriers, and negative beliefs that may be influencing you in making disempowering judgments about yourself and your life. (Price varies)

Heart Wall: 2 session package, 55 min.

Every time your heart has been broken you have created an energetic barrier around your heart for protection. Do you have feelings of isolation, grief, sadness, abandonment, heartache or anguish present in your current life. These unprocessed emotions interfere with your ability to give and receive love, being positive, confident, abundant, creative, enjoying loving relationships-even with yourself. You can also have Heart Walls to other people, situations, and trauma. (Price varies)

Abundance Breakthrough Program: 8 sessions $95 each.

Are you or someone you know struggling to make ends meet, money flows out faster than it comes in, retirement issues, job you hate, things constantly breaking down, etc? I can help to decrease your areas of lack, your money blueprint, and expand your alignment with these financial goals. Minimum of 8 sessions. Additional sessions will be billed at $95/session

Animal Sessions – 45 mins

Our pets are in distress from stressful memories, fears, suffering, heart walls, ill health the same as their owners but are unable to tell us what is happening. They feel the same emotions as we do. These sessions can assist in many behavioral issues like barking, marking their territory, separation anxiety, fear of storms, grooming, going to the vet, avoiding coming to your call, saddling, trailer loading, motion sickness, training difficulties and even more. I can also assist the owner with the grief of the passing of their pet. (Price varies)

Resonating Relationship Program: 55 mins. $95 session.

Do you find yourself arguing more with your mate, are you looking for a relationship that is fulfilling for you both, are your goals in alignment with each other, are you in turmoil, is your relationship emotionally charged, even desiring a more harmonious relationship with yourself? Are you separated/divorced and still stuck in the negative patterns from that relationship? Minimum of 9 sessions. Additional sessions will be billed at $95/session.

Children/Teen Sessions: 55 mins. $75 session.

Is there constant arguing, chaos, fighting going on in your home between your children, having issues with homework, reading, studying habits, food and drink issues? Unprocessed emotions, memories, traumas, beliefs and perceptions unless released will prevent your home being restored to peace until they are addressed.

Intolerances, Food Relationships. 55 mins.

Did you know you can be intolerant to anything, food, drink, smell, people, places, and even ideas. Releasing these can assist you in living a more balanced, calmer, less stressful life. Is your relationship with food harmonious, do you ingest certain foods that create physical distress, or do you just feel off? (Price varies).

House Clearing: 55 mins.

Are you aware that your home may have an energy or energies that are lingering in it. This energy can be calming or distressing. I can assist you in being more comfortable in your surroundings. How empowering would it feel if your home was filled with high vibrations that bring joy and love to all who live and visit there. (Price varies)

Business Clearing. 55 mins.

Your business, has energy that is present in your building, the business name, your employees, yourself, and even the message you subconsciously express to your customers. Is your business growing or as successful as you desire? In minimizing these imbalances, we explore and reset your business for optimal results. (Price varies)

Stress Reduction: 55 mins.

In our world today there is so much “noise and chaos” that reduces our peace, the effectiveness of our emotional systems, our digestive ease, physical discomfort, our ability to focus, and more. Living with these daily issues takes a toll on our immune system, sleeping patterns, eating habits, and energy levels. Let’s empower you to guide your life rather than it guiding you. It’s just possible you can enjoy the life you have always dreamed of. (Price varies)

Do You Resist Achieving Your Ideal Body Weight?

weight loss, movement, healthy body

Your Subconscious knows what your ideal body weight is. In a group setting via a chat room, with just 4 people, for 3 weeks, 1 hr. sessions. Also Individual Sessions are available.

In just 6 sessions we will discover and reduce the blockages you might have. Is there a ceiling on your weight reduction, are there limiting beliefs, fears, shame, addictions/cravings that sabotage you, do you even want to follow a food or exercise plan, tired of trying and feeling discouraged? These are just a few areas we will eliminate with each of the participants. $300/package.

I also offer an in-depth package for weight release and finding your ideal weight. It is not about the diet but rather your resistances and beliefs that are anchoring the weight. Through Kineosology we release the unprocessed emotions that are anchoring those issues and you can be free to choose what level of health you desire.

If you need more information or require assistance in selecting the service that best suits your needs, please send me a message.