I’ve actually known Marsha for decades and have followed her path in the healing arts. My first thought in my first session was, “Wow. She’s experienced at this.” My second impression was, “Wow. She’s spot on.” She’s upbeat. I felt comfortable sharing with her and deeply respected by her. I experienced positive results in hours and days physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am so looking forward to meeting with her again.

Kris Kramer

Marsha is an incredibly insightful and intuitive energy healer! Being an energy healer myself, I’m so impressed with what comes up in our sessions, and the profound effects of her work. I feel so blessed to have her in my life, and all that she brings to my health and well-being, she’s truly a gift. If you’re looking for some great healing work, I would highly recommend Marsha.

Carmen der Kinderen

Marsha has helped us come thru some stressful emotional situations that I can’t thank her enough. She is caring and loving and with God’s help guided us thru. 

 Also my husband has had a bad back for years. He was a sceptic and now thanks her every time he sees her!! He says I don’t know what she did but it worked! He also had her work on his team roping horse. Doc had issues with anyone touching his upper neck and ears. We can now run our hands up his neck and slowly scratch his forelock without his head raising as high as he can. Marsha is amazing!! Give her a try, my sceptic husband is glad he did!

Denise G.

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WOW! is all I can say about now. I am an energy healer myself and have had plenty of work done over the years. I just had my second session working with Marsha Greene and was blown away with the amount of release we got through in this one session — heart wall, health, abundance blocks, limiting beliefs… I highly, highly, highly recommend Marsha to help you move through any blocks you may have in any areas of your life!

Kathy B.

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To anyone who is considering an Emotion Code/Body Code session.  I live in California. Like many people I have had issues that I could not get past, things I could not let go of and things that haunted me and kept me from moving forward.  I do not feel it appropriate to disclose the specifics of my issues besides even though our situations may be similar the things that hold us back or block us is very specific to us individually.  I would like to express that it has been great experience of being a client of Marsha Greene and Emotion Code/Body Code.  Emotion Code/Body Code get down to the core of the problem/issue and at the cellular level to fully rid you of that blockage.  I sincerely hope you take advantage of the opportunity to help yourself and most importantly have Marsha Greene as your practitioner.

Yvonne E.

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I was somewhat skeptical about trying this. Not anymore!

Marsha was wonderful! She tapped into things that I have tried to bury in my mind since childhood. Things that have been keeping me from being confident, feeling safe and having an overall sense of peace and well being.

I sleep better, worry much less and I can actually relax and not allow the negative thoughts consume me.

Wow!! Please give this a try, I promise you won’t regret it.

Becky F.

“Marsha is able to find and release those buried parts of me that makes my life feel heavy and lifeless—She is able to do this with non-judgement and compassion, which taught me self-acceptance. Today I honestly feel lighter and bliss-full which is now the new normal.”


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Marsha’s work is life changing. I did a series of sessions with her, and one day called her in complete pain and distress. within about 30 minutes, not only had she identified trapped emotions that were directly linked to my symptoms, but she also released them and I had a lot of tears, memories, awarenesses and a spontaneous healing from the acute and debilitating pain. The healing stayed effective and I am still out of pain and without symptoms. Marsha’s work is amazing and transformative!

Ming L.

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I looked forward to my sessions with Marsha Greene. She is thorough, kind, and able to achieve results. She also has a pleasant voice and is flexible enough to explore different approaches or questions related to an issue in order to ensure the root causes are uncovered and released.

Doris S.

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Can you believe seven years ago I was hugging my naturopath after his prescribing me T3 which allowed me to train for and run my first marathon (which brought me to my second one in Boston). I felt ecstatic for the support it offered.

Imagine my heart of gratitude now (six years later – post Boston – post being horrendously ill the next nearly six years) for you and your countless tireless hours of addressing much much more on a greater broader deeper spectrum than a pill allows…seeing me once again to the starting line of a mountain run which fills my heart and soul in ways like no other.

Honestly girl, I can’t express the life you’ve gently methodically helped bring back into me. And it’s impact is far beyond the start line of the upcoming race, its deep back into the throws of life at full swing.

How could I be so blessed.

Maria S.