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Marsha is incredibly valuable. I recommend other entrepreneurs explore working with her to achieve optimum focus and performance.

J. P. M.

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Quito my 120 lb Maremma dog got very sick. He had non-stop diarrhea for 5 days and 6 nights. He stopped drinking water and the treatment with homeopathics, activated charcoal and silver water didn’t bring any results. I had 2 options. Either going to vet and spend hundreds of dollars on lab results a or go to Marsha and with help of kinesiology figure it out, what was really going on. She was immediately on Quito figuring out that he had a viral and parasitic infestation, neutralizing it. We met in afternoon to apply some essential oils on him and do some red light therapy on him. Coming back home afterwards, the first thing he drank whole bowl of water. He slept that night through and the diarrhea stopped. Amazing instant results. Thank you Marsha. 
He is doing so well since the treatment.

Evie L.